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The Big O and Dukes show was forged in the fires of talk radio. Starring Chad Dukes, Oscar Santana, and Drab T-Shirt.  Big O and Dukes is one of the highest rated comedy podcasts and now it’s mobile. Download all of their shows and stream without a connection, automatically manage your downloads, and more!

App Features
– Push notifications let you know when the show is live. Quick access to call the show!
– Full access to your RELOADED premium episodes and the entire BOAD network.
– Precision progress bar displays exactly what has been listened
– Time-coded bookmarks lets you quickly access your favorite moments for replay
– Sleep timer lets you listen at night and slowly fades audio out
– Create a playlist of all your favorite episodes for continuous playback
– Media controls that works with bluetooth, headphone controls, and notification panel
– Optimized for the latest iOS and Android phones and tablets
– Advanced settings to configure automatic downloads, playback rate, custom skip forward and backward amounts, and so much more!

Podcast Show List
– Big O and Dukes Show
– Big O and Dukes Reloaded
– Rally The Horde
– The Minority Report
– Hard Times and Weirdness

About Big O and Dukes

With a 10 year passionate terrestrial radio following. The Big O and Dukes show has a mind-blowing 5.5 million downloads to date. This current incarnation is its purest form. From pop-culture to politics, each approaches subject matter from very different perspectives. So pull up a seat, turn up the volume and step into the studio with Chad Dukes, Oscar Santana and Drab T-Shirt, by the end of each show you’ll have laughed yourself right out of your chair, but have gained a window into the lives of three new friends. #LLTH #BOAD

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