Big O and Dukes Show



Free App Company is proud to bring the Big O and Dukes Show’s new

mobile app available on Android and iOS devices.

Join the shows mobile revolution by hitting download now!

All they ask in return is a well deserved 5 star review and

some kind words about their hot talk program.


Tech 411 Show


We here at the Free App Company world  headquarters

are happy to announce the arrival of the Tech 411 Show podcast app.

Tech 411 Show App is now available for download on iOS and Android device’s.

Download as well as stream your favorite weekly Tech show on demand.  

Mike O’Meara Show and Big O and Dukes are up next! 

 A big thank you to the TMSOFT family for helping Free App Company with this fantastic build.  

Stopwatch for Old People

Stopwatch for Old People

Today we decide that the elderly get a raw deal when it comes to Stopwatch Apps.

So after a couple calls to the old people in our lives, some wings

from BW3′s and a crucial brain storming session we came up this beauty!

Available now for FREE on  iOS and Android devices!